How to Create a Winning Mindset

Reprogram your Mind

How to Create a Winning Mindset

In this article, I will reveal some of my best techniques to create a winning mindset. This is essential if you want to achieve goals without being negatively influenced by your surroundings, including friends, relatives, etc.

Since the speech is really very interesting and extremely important, let’s start by making a general speech. I will also give you some absolutely free value and some advice that helped me when I reprogrammed my mindset.

How does our mind work?

First of all, you have to understand that our mind is divided into two parts. The conscious and the unconscious part.

And at this point, you will tell me: “Thanks, I already knew that!”.
If you knew about it but have not yet achieved your goals, then by definition you don’t know about it!

The mind, as I said before, is divided into two parts and the brain doesn’t think, but you think with the brain, so this is the first of my provocations today.

Your brain doesn’t think, and you think with your brain. But who are you? It is not clear exactly where the mind is. Source.

They have tried to look for it in various ways, but for now, it is quite clear that the brain is not the mind.
There are lines of people who say that the brain is the mind, but for now, this has not been confirmed.

“Ok, but where do we think?”

I’ll give you this example. Now think about the appearance of your dog or that of your mum or dad or whoever it is, an image will immediately be created in your mind.

Well, where are you thinking? That image is actually not there in your brain.

This is very important to understand because if you don’t understand the difference between the brain and the mind, you won’t even understand how to reprogram the mind.

How do we make decisions?

The first thing to understand to create a winning mindset is that 95% of the time we don’t act with the conscious mind, we act on the mind based on what we have in the unconscious mind.

The conscious mind extends from the ear to the top of the head and the unconscious mind extends from the ear to the chin. So the body is directly connected to the unconscious mind, this is why for example positive thinking taken alone doesn’t work.

“I try to think positively”

Yes, but as you get distracted for a moment it all goes back into the unconscious mind and the paradigms start to go back up.

So this is a rough explanation of why it is important to understand the integration of belief with behavior as well.

It is absolutely necessary to explain what a Paradigm is.

A paradigm is a multitude of habits that are nestled in your unconscious mind and you cannot know what is in your unconscious mind unless you analyze and look at your results.

We operate on the basis of paradigms and programs that are all in the unconscious mind, the one that is really in control of the body.

Let’s take an example. You don’t just have to say and pronounce that money is a good and right thing in the conscious mind. Your conscious mind will think, “Yes, that’s right,” but then if having money is the evil of all evils in your unconscious mind, your body will move in the opposite direction.

What does it mean? To say that your body moves in that direction means that you will never go to a seminar that explains how to make money because you are fundamentally convinced that it is a bad thing and therefore your body moves in a way congruent with your mind unconscious.

And since money is evil, I don’t go to a seminar about money. Very simple.

Do you want to create a winning mindset? Try repeating an empowering affirmation over and over again. Reprogramming your mind is done with repetition.

You must bring your conscious beliefs into the unconscious part of the mind so that you can act on new paradigms.

Because remember, you operate on the paradigms that are in the unconscious mind, not the conscious mind.

As explained earlier, your results are only an expression of your unconscious programs. Indeed, if your results are that you have no money, you surely have some idiocy in your brain, without exception.

When you truly shift your paradigms your life begins to change because you will find yourself acting differently.

Think about the first time you drove. The first time you learned to drive it was a process that you had to be aware of what you were doing, hands on the wheel, left foot on the brake, right foot on the accelerator and so on.

But now when you get into the car you do it automatically because with a little repetition and with a lot of reasoning, all this has penetrated into your unconscious. And now it runs automatically.

Have you ever arrived at work and wondered how you got there? Sometimes, it’s so automatic that you don’t notice it.

3 strategies to create a winning mindset

now that we have clear how the mind works we can move on to the next step, the 3 strategies to reprogram the mind and create a winning mindset that I have decided to recommend to you in this article.

Are the same strategies that have allowed me to be where I am today and which I continue to use to this day to continue to improve myself.

1. listen to positive affirmations

If you understood the example of driving the car that I gave in the previous paragraphs, you are well aware that repetition is the key to acting on autopilot.

since birth you have been bombarded with negative statements from your relatives and acquaintances, statements such as “we have little money“, “it’s the government’s fault“, “It’s difficult to learn a new language” (keep this last one in mind, we will need after) and all that crap there that you’ve heard over and over again, so many times that it’s now part of who you are.

As you have been affected negatively, you can reprogram your mind positively starting today by listening to positive affirmations.

listening can be done both during the day and during the night while you sleep, hearing empowering phrases in an affirmative way such as “I am a successful person and I earn more every day” will allow you to influence your mind in a positive and push you to act congruently to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

I have a youtube channel completely dedicated to mental programming and mindset growth based on the strategy of positive affirmations, there you will be able to find all the affirmations you need for your personal growth, whether you want to quit smoking, develop an entrepreneurial mindset or erase the anxiety from your life.

Here is a sample video.

be careful though, it’s not enough to listen to them once or twice or just 10 minutes once in a while, you have to completely override your current paradigms to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, and to do that you need repetition every day and IMMERSION, the second strategy of which I will tell you.

2. Immersion

One of the most common FALSE beliefs circulating around is that learning foreign languages ​​is something difficult, complex and for a few, nothing could be more wrong.

As I always say, even a 3-year-old Japanese child can speak Japanese.

this is because he has always lived immersed in Japan, he has heard everyone speak Japanese, he has seen book in Japanese, etc.

we can use the same principle to achieve our goals.

if you want to apply it to a language all you have to do is live immersed in that language, if you want to learn spanish listen only to spanish songs, watch movies in spanish (without subtitles) read the Spanish newspapers.

It’s not true that you don’t watch movies in Spanish because you don’t understand them, but you don’t understand them because you never watch them!

it’s a subtle reasoning, but if you understand what I mean to tell you, now you have a new way of seeing reality.

Now that you understand how immersion works, you can decline it to achieve your goals, if you want to become a rich entrepreneur, listen to positive affirmations about money and wealth every day, read marketing articles (here on my blog there are many), listen interviews of successful people.

Avoid hanging around depotentiating people and environments, no one is immune to negative influences and your mindset must be protected as you would protect a child in danger.

3. Write a list of your goals

We have finally arrived at the last strategy to create a winning mindset

if you want to win in life you must have clear what your goals are, only by writing them in black and white (physically, not digitally on the notepad of your smartphone) you can “tattoo them in your mind”

In the same way that you can’t get in your car and drive aimlessly, you can’t set your goals without clearly defining a deadline, where do you go if you don’t have a destination? nowhere.

Human beings are procratinators, we hate doing something “immediately” and we always try to postpone it as much as possible, for this very reason you have to force yourself to reach a certain goal in a certain amount of time.

how to apply this strategy?

Again, affirmations and repetition come into play

take a notebook, and write down 5-10 goals that you want to achieve in an affirmative way in the present tense and add “by X date”

At the beginning the goals must be simple and must not take too long to be achieved, this is because you have to start winning and feel like a winner, if like me you have a blog it is right that you want to reach 10k visits a day but your first goal if you start from scratch it must be to reach 100 visits per day, once you reach them you will replace the old goal with a higher one such as reaching 1000 visits per day, and so on.

Let’s see an example

If you want to reach a certain monetary goal you will have to write:

I am very happy and grateful to have 100k in the bank by Jan 1st 20XX

you don’t have to write future tense affirmations like “I will hit 100k in the bank by Jan 1, 20XX”

this is because when you write down your goals every day (yes you will have to do it every day,) you also have to visualize yourself in that precise moment and try to feel the emotions you will feel once you reach your goals.

Your goals shouldn’t be something you’ll achieve in the future, like those things you don’t feel like doing and you’re procrastinating, but something that’s already in progress, and you’re already achieving.

Write your goals EVERY DAY, do it as soon as you wake up or before you go to sleep, it must be a ritual that is part of you and that will push you to act right.