Choosing Safe and Reliable Pet Care Services for Your Next Business Trip

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The moment has arrived: your calendar signals an upcoming business trip, and this time, your faithful pet can’t accompany you. Such is the life of a business professional with a furry family member at home. It’s a familiar situation for many pet parents and, in these instances, the search for a reliable pet care service becomes paramount. This article aims to assist you in finding the perfect ‘home away from home’ for your beloved pet.

Imagine trying to find the perfect spot for a family picnic on a weekend. You’d likely consider several factors: the cleanliness of the site, its distance from your home, the amenities it offers, and perhaps even search online for “dog boarding near me” to ensure your furry companion will be welcome and well cared for. Choosing a pet care service requires the same amount of thought and investigation.

How to Ensure the Right Pet Care Services

Embarking on this process requires diligence and begins with personally visiting potential kennels or catteries. A physical inspection allows you to assess the cleanliness of the facilities and the amount of space available for pets. If an establishment isn’t open to an inspection, it’s a clear indication to reconsider. It’s a decision that hinges heavily on your comfort with the establishment’s hygiene standards and the quality of care they provide for their temporary residents. Just like you would trust your instincts while making important decisions, if a particular facility doesn’t sit right with you, it’s wise to explore other options.

Next, comes a consideration of paramount importance: the medical procedures and protocols in place at the pet boarding facility. You need to ensure that the establishment can efficiently handle medical emergencies. Ascertain whether they have a professional relationship with a nearby veterinary clinic or even have a vet on-site. Probing further, inquire whether the staff is trained in pet first aid and if a vet is available round the clock. Understanding the cost management of potential medical treatment is equally crucial. If your pet requires ongoing medication or treatment, confirm that the facility can administer the necessary care.

The expertise and training of the staff at a pet boarding facility is a pivotal factor in your decision. The welfare of your pet will be in their hands, so you need to ensure they are qualified and well-equipped to manage and care for your beloved pet in a boarding environment. Dig deeper into the facility’s staffing policies: find out the ratio of staff to pets and whether there’s round-the-clock staffing to handle any emergencies that might occur outside business hours.

The boarding facility’s enclosures are more than just cages or kennels; they will serve as your pet’s temporary home. Therefore, they need to be clean, secure, and spacious enough for your pet to move and rest comfortably. During your inspection, observe the cleanliness and smell of the facility. Inquire about the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the enclosures. Check the bedding provided and ask whether you can bring your pet’s bedding and toys, as familiar items can help your pet settle in. The enclosures should be sheltered from inclement weather and have enough space to allow your pet to move and rest comfortably. Dogs require more space than cats, so this is a factor to keep in mind.

When it comes to housing arrangements, your pet should have its enclosure and not be cooped up with unfamiliar animals. If you have more than one pet used to living together, they should be accommodated in the same enclosure. For cat parents, ensure there’s enough space between the litter box and food bowls and that the cats are housed separately from dogs.

Your pet’s diet and food hygiene is another area to probe. Find out what food the facility provides and whether they can accommodate your pet’s regular diet if you prefer. Ask about their food storage practices to ensure hygiene and ascertain the frequency of feeding and cleaning of food bowls.

Finally, a discussion about your pet’s daily routine and behavior management at the facility is crucial. Ask about their exercise schedule, social interaction plans, and strategies for managing stress or separation anxiety that your pet may experience due to the change in environment.


In summary, leaving your pet behind while you attend to business can be a stressful prospect, but finding the right pet care service can provide peace of mind. Just as you’d research to find a perfect picnic spot for a family outing, invest some time and effort into finding a place where your pet will be cared for with compassion, professionalism, and a good belly rub or two. Safe travels!